Mar 10, 2009

New TestDEN Accent Reduction Course Goes Live

Richmond, B.C., Canada, March 10, 2009 – International voice coach Andy Krieger and ACT360 Media today announce the launch of Executive Accent at

“It’s like having me as a personal voice coach 24 hours a day,” says Krieger, who in 2008 coached Jackie Chan, Wang de Shun, Crystal Liu, and Li Bing Bing in China during the filming of the American martial arts adventure film The Forbidden Kingdom.

“The online course captures the essence of my coaching method and really brings accent reduction to another level,” Krieger says.

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Executive Accent is a convenient and affordable alternative to accent reduction classes and one-on-one tutors. It is designed for executives and expatriate professionals who want to improve their spoken English, and the $99 fee includes access to the course and practice modules for 180 days.

Learners watch videos of Krieger explaining the key concepts of his five-step “K-Method” and then they use a webcam to record themselves practising words and sentences. These online video exercises are powered by ACT360’s Accent Terminator technology that shows students how their pronunciation compares to Krieger’s.

Krieger is a licensed teacher who started in the Hollywood film industry teaching actors to speak American-style. He developed The K-Method in 1998 while teaching actors in Vancouver, B.C., Canada how to speak “American” so they could get hired on American films shooting in the local area. Since then, Krieger has also introduced the K-Method to corporate clients in medicine and finance – and now the K-Method is available online.

“We wanted to use technology to enhance Andy’s coaching style and make it available to professionals worldwide,” says ACT360 president Vincent Wong. “More than 7,000 students have used the K-Method and our aim is to expand it by a factor of 10 using ACT360’s platform.”

Since 1998, ACT360’s service has helped hundreds of thousands of students to raise their TOEFL scores. ACT360 designs custom Internet-based applications for a global network of content and distribution partners who provide language training for organizations that need to meet international standards and become globally competitive.

Andy Krieger contact:
Tel: 604-261-1466

ACT360 Media contact:
Vincent Wong, president
604-270-3656 ext. 112

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Susan said...

Stay tuned for a story in my blog - Susan's Super Citizen Showcase - on how Andy got started in this interesting line of work that has helped so many people to communicate more easily.