Apr 21, 2009

TestDEN Announces Academic Partner Program

Whether bundled with a classroom course or customized as part of an online offering, ACT360 Media’s new Academic Partners Program makes it easy for partners to sell TestDEN services through existing channels.

Richmond, B.C., Canada, April 21, 2009
– ACT360 Media Ltd., developer of TestDEN.com, is pleased to announce the introduction of a bundle package of its online training products for select academic partners.

“The TestDEN Academic Partners Program will add value and new revenue streams for colleges and language schools,” says ACT360 Media president Vincent Wong. “It’s a powerful online complement to classroom-based test preparation and ESL courses.”

Three packages are available: TOEFL IBT training; TOEFL IBT testing; and TOEIC business English. TestDEN Accent Reduction is also available as an add-on to all packages.

Learners are issued a single password that gives them access to TestDEN practice tests and trainer products. Passwords are valid for up to one year, depending on the academic partners’ requirements. Prices start at US$50 for four TOEFL IBT practice tests. Contact ACT360 Media for full price list.

ACT360 Media’s TestDEN.com is a leading provider of e-learning and training solutions that help students meet international standards. Our customers include global education institutions and Fortune 500 corporations. The TestDEN platform is being used to deliver TOEFL, TOEFL IBT, TOEIC, business English, and hotel training applications in more than 60 countries.

ACT360 Media contact:
Vincent Wong, president
604-270-3656 ext. 112

Apr 16, 2009

Rosetta Stone IPO

Language software maker Rosetta Stone IPO (RST) launched today and their stock sold at the higher end of the price range. 6.25 million shares were bought at $18, suggesting that there was strong demand for a piece of the language learning software market. In total, they raised $112m to fund their global expansion. Nice to see Rosetta raise the money in this environment.

Brady Lemos, an equity analyst at Morningstar, had this to say about RST:

"As a provider of educational software, Rosetta Stone is more resilient to economic slumps than many other software firms, in our opinion," Lemos said in a research note. "We think Rosetta Stone offers a relatively compelling value proposition (a typical three-level program costs about $500), particularly in a challenging consumer spending environment."
ACT360 is seeing the same kind of growth with our new TestDEN training bundles.

Apr 14, 2009

New Online Training Available For Managers and Executives Learning English

When you are new to the English language, it can be difficult to negotiate, help customers, and give clear instructions to staff. That's why ACT360 Media created TestDEN Business Trainer for Speaking and Writing.

APRIL 14, 2009, VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA – ACT360 Media, an international provider of Web-based language training, today launched two online courses for people who want to improve their writing and speaking skills in the workplace: Business Trainer for Managers and Business Trainer for Executives.

“Speaking and writing are the hardest skills to learn within a business context because not only do you have to master the language component, but also the business side as well,” says ACT360 president Vincent Wong. “These two products fill a need in the market for speaking and writing products suited for business people.”

Management Trainer focuses on the daily tasks of a manager, including 40 speaking exercises and 20 writing exercises. Executive Trainer focuses on higher level, critical-thinking skills and includes 20 speaking exercises and 40 writing exercises. Both products are based on the standards of the Test of English for International Communications (TOEIC).

Here’s how it works: Learners listen or read background information as an audio file, email, fax, or text passage. For speaking exercises, they record their voices online and the recording is stored on the TestDEN server. For writing exercises, they upload their written responses. Submissions are evaluated in one of two ways: a self-graded version (US$50) or a teacher-graded version (US$250) that includes expert marking and suggestions for improvement.

Management Trainer and Executive Trainer are both available for purchase through ACT360 Media's global reseller network.

Since 1998, ACT360 Media’s TestDEN.com has helped students around the world to improve their English communication skills. ACT360 Media also designs custom eLearning solutions for a global network of partners who provide language training for call centres and other organizations that need to meet international standards and become more competitive.

ACT360 Media contact:
Vincent Wong, president
604-270-3656 ext. 112