Nov 17, 2011 International Student Lead Generation

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Nov 2, 2011

120,000 Saudi Students Studying Abroad

The following numbers came from the Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia via Al Watan Newspaper article dated September 6.

  • There are currently 120,0000 Saudi students studying abroad.
  • 76% are male and 23% are female
  • 45% of students who are paying their own way are attending institutions located in Arab countries.
  • 37% of scholarship students are in the USA
  • 14% of scholarship students are in Canada
  • 7% of scholarship students are in Australia
  • 7% of scholarship students are in Egypt
  • 5% of scholarship students are in Jordan
  • 29% of students are enrolled in Business Administration
  • 12% of students are enrolled in Engineering
  • 11% in IT
  • 6% in medical services traffic and our own internal surveys confirm the above trends.

Canada Expands Permanent Residency Program for International Students

Postnedia news reports that the Government of Canada will expand the Canada Experience Class to 7,000 people in 2012. The program allows international students studying in Canada to apply for permanent residency more quickly. Students will not be required to return to their home country to apply for permanent resident status.

This is a clever move that helps Canada recruit and retain highly skilled international students. So why is the number only 7,000 and not 70,000?

Read the Postmedia article here.

Oct 20, 2011

USA Processes a Record Number of Travel Visas from China

The U.S. Mission to China adjudicated more than one million U.S. visas for Chinese students, tourists, and businesspeople during FY 2011, a 34 per cent increase from FY 2010, U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke recently announced in a press release by the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. This number consists of the contributions by the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, as well as the U.S. Consulates in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, and Chengdu, the press release points out.

Ambassador Gary Locke commented on the US-China relationship:
“The U.S.-China relationship is profoundly important, and welcoming Chinese visitors to the United States strengthens our cultural and commercial ties.  I am very pleased at the success we have had in significantly reducing wait times for visa appointments this year.”
This is fantastic news and we hope that our Chinese guests will enjoy their visit to America.

Dec 16, 2010

TOEFL Serves 25 million Students Worldwide

Education Testing Service (ETS), the administrators of the TOEFL test, announced that over 25 million students worldwide have used the test to "achieve their education goals." That means they have used the test to establish their English proficiency as part of their application process to schools in the United States and Canada.

We confirm these numbers as's traffic has been steadily growing over the past 12 months and we have had sky-high interest in our online practice course.