Dec 8, 2006

Looking for Trainers and Teachers to Test Drive ACTDEN OnDemand

Our new site design is also moving along nicely, along with our plans for our new e-learning service. We are calling it ACTDEN OnDemand, and the service is designed for trainers, teachers, and consultants who want a simple, easy to use system to create and manage online courses.

The service is designed for you to get your online classroom up and running as quickly as possible with a minimum of fuss:

  1. Copy Powerpoint content into ACTDEN CMS
  2. Add optional audio sound track for each slide
  3. Insert online quizzes and fixed tests
  4. Create online class and enroll learners
  5. Monitor usage and view performance reports online
The first version isn't going to be that fancy, but we would like to invite a small group of trainers and consultants to test drive ACTDEN OnDemand. There is no charge to participate.

Click here to tell us more about you, and let us know:

- Your name
- Your school or business name
- Subjects that you teach
- City and country you are located

Unfortunately, we won't be able to accommodate everyone but we will do our best!

Sue and Jim Get an Update (Finally!)

After sitting on the backburner for months as we finished up other projects, the Powerpoint tutorial is finally getting updated. Our editors are revising the content for Powerpoint 2003 and we will upload to the site in early January 2007.

Thanks to all of our loyal teachers and trainers who have continued to support our site. As soon as we get our hands on a copy, Powerpoint 2007 will be coming as well.