Apr 7, 2010

Connect with Andy Krieger on QZone

Andy Krieger launches his Tencent QZone site to connect with young Chinese on China's most popular social media service. Find Coach K on the QQ network at:

QQ: 909748335
QQ空间: http://user.qzone.qq.com/909748335

Apr 3, 2010

Accent Reduction Bejing DVD Launch

Andy Krieger spent the afternoon today at the Zhongguancun Book Building in Beijing to attend a book signing event. Andy gave a short talk explaining how the K Method helps young Chinese rapidly improve their speaking ability. A young, enthusiastic audience had the opportunity to see Coach K in action as he demonstrated his speaking techniques. Here is what one student had to say:

Dear Andy,
I am Neo, the Chinese boy you've met at your speech in Zhongguancun Book Building several days ago. Here's something about myself. I am a senior student at USTB,the University of Science & Technology Beijing and majoring in MIS, Management Informationg System.

While studying, I find it more and more important to conquer English because I have got to learn those more advanced knowledge from overseas like the great book "Thinking in Java" which is about computer programing.

And what's more important I think, is that we Chinese should make our voice widely heard throughout the world. At least, I must use English to communicate with you and to e-mail you.

To be frank, I've read some books about how to pronounce in the right way before which are written by Li Yang. It helped me with my oral Englich more or less. It's Li Yang who created the Crazy English to help Chinese people solve their accent problems and I don't know if you have heard about him before. He's very famous in China.

However, I still learned a lot from your speech. I am deeply impressed by your patience, enthusiasm and mostly, your beautiful American accent. I appreciated it a lot you've taught me such a great lesson.

And I have learned one thing from you that while speaking, one should speak as slowly as he or she can which can give him or her enough time to think and to put his or her tongue in the right position in order to pronounce right and besides, one should say 2 to 3 words at a time with the help of one hand, thus he or she could get a proper rhythm.

All in all, thanks very much for your teaching and I hope you can enjoy this trip in China.

Thanks to Mei at Chinese Renmin University Press for organizing a fantastic reception. Here are some links to Chinese media coverage of the launch:

Tencent QQ