Feb 17, 2009

TestDEN Accent Reduction in BETA

Coach K is in the TestDEN.COM House

Andy Krieger is the latest instructor to join the TestDEN.com team. We met Andy when one of our developers took his accent reduction course and raved about his methods. ACT360 has spent the last several months putting together his course on the ACTDEN E-learning platform.

TestDEN Accent Reduction is now in beta, and will be available for testing by qualified partners. What is cool about Andy is that he comes from the movie business, and has a thriving practice helping actors to overcome their accents to land jobs in Hollywood.

The K Method really works! During the video shoot, Andy took our camera operator Benny aside and gave him a quick lesson. After a few hours of shooting and editing videos, we went out to lunch at McDonald's. For the first time ever, Benny placed his order without having to repeat himself to the cashier. A few weeks later, a customer called me and asked me what had happened to Benny's accent. He was surprised at how clearly he was speaking.


Anonymous said...

Can I ask you: "How I can learn English without live contact with teacher? I think this is imposible". In this case this is the same I use e-language-translation online services like this web service or others.

VW said...

Live teaching will always be the most effective option. However, it is also expensive and not everyone can afford it. Also, qualified instructors are not always easy to find.

So we aren't suggesting that the online course will replace a live teacher for all students. We are saying that if you are interested in reducing your accent, the TestDEN Accent Reduction course is definitely an affordable and effective option.