Jun 26, 2009

Coach K Accent Training DVD Coming July 15

Voice coach Andy Krieger just gave us a sneak preview of his new Accent Training DVD, and it looks awesome! The packaging looks very Hollywood, which is appropriate because Andy used to work in Central Casting with all kinds of famous movie stars.

Andy tells us that the DVD is 209 minutes long, and includes new teaching material that he added to his course from his recent trip to Asia. He successfully taught over 500 students at HSBC Group, and hopes to return later this year for another round of training.

The DVD has been sent to the factory for production, and we expect to get our first copies on July 15.

Here is a look at the back of the DVD. Notice the t-shirt is from his work on the movie Forbidden Kingdom which came out last year starring Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Crystal Yifei Liu, and Li Bing Bing.

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