Nov 4, 2005

Welcome to ACT360

This is ACT360 Media's first blog. We are developers of collaborative e-learning solutions. You can find out more about us at

Our content platforms include: - Delivers English training services for TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, and TOEIC. - Software tutorials and courses for K-12 students with over 200k users per month.

We are currently working like mad to get our projects out the door. With the TOEFL iBT launching in Asia in spring 2006 and our own plans to get ACTDEN 2.0 launched to our eagerly waiting customers, our team has been swamped!

We are now experimenting with blog technology to see how we can integrate with ACTDEN 2.0. Teachers using blogs should contact us through the ACT360 website by clicking here or by posting comments.


Anonymous said...

very usefull for a school paper i had to wright. lots of good information!

Anonymous said...

very much enjoyed your site: will be using it as we develop service learning intiatives here at Tennessee State and North Nashville.

e-mail me at love to share insights


bob bradley

Anonymous said...

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Very much enjoy your site and keep the good work!
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Best Regards,
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